The Difference Between Duplication and Publication

It would be easy to say that all CD duplication included was the ability to copy CDs from a master copy so that you can have a bulk amount available to you. But, the process can get a little more complicated with the right words and intentions in place. Along the same lines of duplicating a CD is the concept of publishing a CD into the public.

CD manufacturing is the same as the book industry, only it hasn't been around as long. If you look at the book industry, you will notice that there are places that publish your books and others who just manufacture your books. To publish a book means to take all of the relevant information and put it into a certain format. To only manufacture something means that you are only making the copies of the same book. The process in both parts tie into each other, but include different steps and needs that have to be met in order to complete the product.

If you are putting together a CD, you will want to know the difference between these two and what it means. For a CD to be duplicated, you have to have it published first. All of the CD duplication machines can only assist you in getting to this point, but you will be the one that has to put together the information for the publication before you can get into the duplication process. Publication is something that you have to lay out first, with all of the relevant information in place.

CD publication begins with you getting the correct data, such as music, and putting it into the correct place. When you have done this and made a master copy, it is your publication. From here, you can begin working into the publication area with CD duplication individuals.

The publication aspect that is next includes the details of your CD. Everything from the copyright, name of the CD, graphics, table of contents, credits and personalized messages that you want to put in your CD are part of the publication process. With this particular step, you can find industry standards that will tell you what to include or not to include, which can combine with your custom options.

If you are going into CD duplication for yourself, this part of it can be a part of the equipment. Many pieces of equipment will come with a publisher and a duplicator, which will allow you to place together the inserts, outer cover and CD before you begin the process of making more copies.

In a way, the duplication process becomes the last step of the publishing process. It is when all of the information that you have determined is relevant and worthy to put into your CD package is placed into one component and is processed in bulk. This allows for your CD to be completed and ready to process for publishing to the community.

Once you have published a CD, you can not re-publish it. This is where the duplication process becomes the main ingredient of the CD. Your CD will be able to be duplicated with the same publication materials that you established from the beginning of your CD run. The only changes that can be made will have to be part of a second edition, or second run of the duplication process. Because of this, you will want to make sure that everything you have in the publication process is put together in the correct way.

The difference between publication and duplication is knowing where you are at in the process and what it should include in order to get the bulk materials that you want and need. Knowing exactly how to approach the different aspects of the publication process as well as when to start the duplication process as a transfer over from publication, can help you to pay attention to the details needed for duplication.

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