The Process of CD Duplication

Even though there is always the option to simply burn a CD from the Internet, CD duplication and processing takes a little more than just a simple copy. The process of CD duplication takes the right equipment and expertise in order to get the design and look exactly right on every CD. Understanding how this works and how to use it effectively can help you to get the right outcome for Cd duplication.

The basic concept of CD duplication is to take the information, music or audio from a CD and to copy all of the files and data from the original, or mastered CD, and into a new CD. When one does this for several disks, it creates not only the burning of a CD, but also duplication, which uses links to towers and that allows for more than one CD to be burned at one time.

When there is the capability of burning hundreds or even thousands of CDs at one time, the duplication process takes specific steps in order to get it exactly right. Much of this will depend on the equipment that is being used; however, when you get your CDs back, the process of copying the various parts typically remains the same.

The first step that any CD duplicator will add into the process of copying a CD is to enter all of the information needed into a master CD. This will include the music or data that is in the CD. It will also include a molding of the graphics and the design that you want to keep on the disk. This mold will be placed in a computer or in a specific machine that is able to handle the process of multiplying the number of CDs, which allows for a stamp of all of the CD information to move onto the CD.

When making the stamp of the CD, there are specific requirements for the software or hardware that is used. The machinery will require a specific hook-up to the computer when processing this. For example, if you are using a laser burner, you will need to have a software system that supports this and which allows for you to ensure that it gets the right coloring and quality.

After all of the information is entered, the CDs can then be pressed. This means that they will have the ability to have all of the information placed on the CD in the exact same way that the molding or stamp has allowed for it to process. This capability will then simply multiply, replicating the exact copies that are in the master copy, so that all of your CD products look exactly the same.

This same process will then be used for the jewel cases and inserts that are a part of the CD. The information will be entered as a graphic design, then will be processed through a specific replication machine or copier that allows for the cases and the artwork to keep an exact copy of what is seen from the CD.

In the end, you will have the ability to have hundreds of CDs that are direct replicas of your master CD. The process that is used is one that creates a professional look as well as an exact visual, with the correct data, used on the CD. By moving through the process of CD duplication in the correct way, the ability to have distribution of the correct CDs is easier to achieve.

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