DVD Movie Copy Software | Things To Know Before You Buy

by: Jay Smith

Thanks to the latest technology it's extremely easy to copy a DVD movie these days. Some DVD movie copy software programs make it as easy as clicking a few buttons. However there are many things one should keep in mind when shopping for DVD movie copy software, as all are not created equal.

For starters the software should be easy to use. There is no point in buying new software that is too hard to use and will just end up collecting dust. Fortunately there are many great DVD copy software choices today that are very easy to use.

The next thing to consider is what you will be using the software for. Different DVD movie copy software programs have different features. Many programs will allow you to copy:

· CSS encrypted movies. This means that you can copy a full length DVD movie. Although according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act this is illegal.

· Data from CD's.

· Music CD's from MP2 & WMA files.

· Video games such as Xbox, Playstation, PSP, Dreamcast, etc.

· Damaged or scratched DVD's. Limited error correction attempts to recover damaged DVD's to make an undamaged DVD copy.

· VHS tapes

Other important features to consider are quality and speed. There is no point in copying a DVD if the quality is going to end up looking like a VHS recording. Many DVD movie copy software programs will copy a DVD with virtually no noticeable loss of image quality, in other words, high quality output. Speed is also something to keep in mind as some programs will copy and burn a DVD in less than 45 minutes where others take a few hours.

Many DVD copy software programs now allow you to try before you buy. This is a great feature as you can make sure the program will do all that you need it to do and that it is easy to operate. Some even let you burn a few DVD's.

So before you purchase any DVD movie copy software make sure you know what you will actually use it for. It's great to be able to copy DVD movies easily with fast high quality results.

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