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by: Paul Hill DVD Slideshows can be a great way to take trip down memory lane. Slideshows have become common place at events and gatherings and can sometimes become boring. So how do you come up with a unique slideshow to keep people’s interest?

Below I have given some pointers to keep it interesting:

When you think of DVD slideshows you often think Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary, I have covered all three below:

• Weddings

Every bride and groom is unique and has a different story to tell. Use that uniqueness to select photos both personalized and interesting to watch. If the bride and groom are complete opposites, then use pictures, backgrounds, to show how they compliment each other.

• Birthdays

This of course depends on whether your loved one is a child or a grown adult.

For a child, this is the great opportunity to show them growing up, how they got their nickname, what are their favorite past times (sports, pets, camping, etc.). You can also select music and backgrounds that relate to their character.

For an adult, a great idea would be to incorporate notes of well wishes from past birthdays. You can also show major accomplishments from years gone by through photos, awards, music and memorabilia.

• Anniversaries

One of the best things you can do for an anniversary slideshow is to gather memorabilia that the couple has most likely forgotten about. Talk to friends, neighbors and relatives that would be willing to share photographs and other memories. Putting this into a DVD slideshow is sure to be a hit with the couple. Again, be sure to incorporate music from the couple favorite genre.

Other popular DVD Slideshow ideas

Newborn babies, childhood and family events are all great sources of slideshow subjects. Here are some suggestions to keep these productions interesting and eye catching:

• Newborn Babies

All babies are precious, but most slideshows about them are boring. To keep it interesting remember to include photos of more than just the baby; don’t forget about mom, dad, grandma, brothers, etc. etc. Another great idea is to incorporate fun facts about the date of birth (i.e. what happen on the same day 10, 50 or 100 years ago); this can be done by using carefully placed title slides within your DVD Slideshow.

• Kids

For younger children, you can help them put together a slideshow of their favorite things, using their own thoughts and ideas. Let them record a few sound bites to be included within the show.

• Family & Friends

Family vacations, camping trips, family reunions and school plays are all great contenders for slideshows. Don’t forget to include dated title slides so you’re not trying to guess ten years down the road.

So, whether you are creating a slideshow on your own or hiring a professional, keeping it creative is just a matter of detail. Have fun with this, the reward is like none other.

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